Yes, it’s been a while!

There are times when it seems there just isn’t enough time in the day and I have to weigh what is most important to do, not just engage in what I need to do as dictated by a calendar or by some well-meaning person.  Of late, due to an extraordinarily busy season, many priorities have been shifted down the list in order to do those things that are, indeed, most important.  Thus, I have not written a blog/article in over a month!  It’s been on the list, just not near the top!  Two things that are never shifted:  time in the Word and time in prayer.  (Well, being honest, they sometimes do get shifted in the order but NEVER removed from the order!)

Some recent figures that I have shared with a couple of groups state that less than 39% of believers/church attenders read God’s Word with any definitive plan or purpose.  Some just do so randomly, in no systematic manner.  That same study says the Word is available to us; that’s not the problem.  We own at least one Bible, and on the average we have four; but many times we don’t know where one is, let alone, four!  (Some preachers definitely increase the average in ownership!)

Taking note of those figures, there are many then that could use some encouragement in establishing a daily time in God’s Word to know and experience its powerful and transformative message.  Beginning on September 11 and continuing through October 20, we are going to read through the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) in a systematic, on-the-same-page plan as a church family.  Our Sunday messages  throughout mid-September and October, will speak to the importance of His Word and our making it an important part of our “daily to do list,” like putting it at the top!  Our hope is, that if you aren’t reading the Bible on a daily basis at this time, this 40 Days of GOOD NEWS will help to establish an ongoing pattern that will see each day begin with Good News!  We ALL need that and it definitely makes what follows our doing so much more pleasant, productive, and directed.

If you would like to join us in this reading, there is information in the Foyer or you can call the Church Office to sign up for either a weekly email reading plan or a hard copy of the week’s plan that will be available each week.  Never let it be “a while” since you’ve been in His Word!

Pastor Bob

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