What are the odds?

We observe Father’s Day this next Sunday.  All of us as fathers, grandfathers, or as other role models before the children in our lives want to be good examples.  How serious we take our responsibility and actions in doing so, or not doing so, may either increase or decrease the odds of it actually happening.

The Houston Chronicle carried the story of Lonnie Whitener and his son, Zach, who went out for a round of golf on Father’s Day, 2013.  (I am sure it was after church!)  They accomplished something unbelievable on the Rover Pointe Golf Club in the Houston suburb of Richmond.  On the par 3 sixth hole they both hit a hole-in-one!  Lonnie, age 57 at the time, hit the flag pole on his drive and the ball fell into the cup.  About one minute later, Zach, age 13, hit the green and the ball rolled straight into the hole.  The shots, witnessed by golf pro Lance Lopez and two others are beyond calculations of probability and left the group “speechless.”  According to the National Hole-In-One Registry, the odds of two players in the same round acing the same hole are 1 in 17 million.  For a father and son to do it takes the odds way up, and for it to happen on Father’s Day is simply too much to fathom.  Whitener has confidently and truthfully said, “Give me your best golf story and I’ll one-up you.” (Houston Chronicle, 6/20/13, FrontPage, with my notes added)

How “confident” are you of your example before your children or before other children that you have the chance to impact with you witness?  Let’s hope the odds are better than one in 17 million!  We can dramatically increase the odds of improving our example, and their lives, if we take our role seriously and look to our Father for direction, wisdom, and courage.  Those are the things needed to live before them that have the potential for a positive and lasting impact.

There is NO chance my boys and I will ever relate to Lonnie and Zach (maybe my boys, but not dad) in their chance accomplishment on the golf course.  I am, however, hopeful my boys will remember me for something more memorable and meaningful than my golf game!


Pastor Bob

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