Want to be a millionaire?

In the 1950s, there was a TV show titled The Millionaire.  It was an early attempt at reality television as it chronicled what happened in people’s lives when they unexpectedly received the sum of one million dollars from an anonymous donor. I kept waiting for someone to knock on our door, but that never happened.

Recently I have been crunching some numbers as I am interested in some measurements as I near 19 years as Pastor at CPTC.  I wanted to see, in real dollars, our investment in missions through the years; and while I always desire it to be more, I am so very glad the CPTC family has made missions giving a priority. It has never been an afterthought but always on the front burner.

Over the last 19 years, our total income has been just under $8.5 million.  Of that, we have given some $1.3 million, just over 15%, to missions in our community, state, nation, and around the world. That averages about $68,500 annually–some years a little more, some years a little less.

I call this “income versus investment”!  We need “the income” to sustain “the stuff” we must do to remain viable and stay in business; but our “investment” is in missions, in essence in lives!  While the results will never make the ticker at the New York Stock Exchange, the results will be eternal.  Because of our missions giving, lives have been changed for eternity! That’s called ROI (Return on Investment)!

And by the way, the $68,500  does not include an additional $2000 annually that we have underwritten in our General Budget for Vacation Bible School.  That is the present investment, this week!!  So, add another $38,000 to our missions giving and list it under “investments” because we are investing in little lives with big futures!

You are a millionaire!  If you are a part of the CPTC, YOU are investing in the “futures market”!  So, while being a “millionaire” may not change your life, it could well change the lives of others…for eternity.  It’s a joy to be so rich in the Father’s blessings.  Share them!

Blessings to all,

Pastor Bob

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