Have you had your V-8 today?

Perhaps you recall the V-8 Vegetable Juice commercials through the years.  The admonition is to “drink your vegetables” every day, thus getting all you need from a can or bottle rather than a plate.  I personally like V-8 juice; some folks don’t.  It’s an easy way to keep my cardiologist happy and I never have to see the green stuff, lettuce, green beans, broccoli, and other such things.  I recall one commercial with a live newscaster standing at an angle, leaning, about to fall.  Someone notes that she must not have had her V-8 that day, offers her one, and soon she is standing tall!

Have you had your VERSE today?  Every day that a person is not in God’s Word makes for a difficult day; living life “at an angle.”  We often get so busy we pass up the “veggies” we need to live healthy lives.  Likewise, we pass on reading God’s Word and find ourselves “verse-deficient”!  I heard recently a little quote about reading God’s Word that I think more than appropriate to “advertise” not missing a day of reading.  It says, “Get in the Word and let the Word get in you.” A “verse-a-day” may not, as they say, keep the doctor away; however, it will provide some beneficial nourishment and help you to stand tall.

Let me suggest you read some Verse 8s in God’s Word!  Of course, read the verses before and after verse 8, but there are great Verse 8s in God’s Word!  In Isaiah 55, the prophet records the words of the Lord and says in verse 11-12, “It is the same with my word.  I send it out, and it always produces fruit.  It will accomplish all I want it to, and it will prosper everywhere I send it.  You will live in joy and peace.”  (NLT, my emphasis added)

Yes, go back and begin with verse 8 and read the full passage for your day’s nourishment!!  My problem with V-8 is I can’t get enough!  When I drink it, cold out of the fridge, I want more.  Wouldn’t that be a great “problem” to have with regard to God’s Word:  always wanting more?

Oh, yeah!  If you remember another of the V-8 commercials, a guy makes a mistake, then immediately realizes such, slaps himself upside the head and says, “I didn’t have my V-8 today.”  Don’t forget Verse 8, or any other verse.  They will make your day!

Pastor Bob

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