Use your Bible!

The leader of a Bible study, noting that one lady in the group had a well-worn Bible, commented that a ragged copy of Scripture is a sign to others that you use your Bible, reading it often. Another member of the study group then quipped, “That’s why you always buy a Bible from the used bookstore.” (The Joyful Noiseletter,

How “used” is your Bible? One of the spiritual practices we considered in our recent Summer Road Trip message series (spiritual disciplines for life) was Bible reading, using God’s Word for both encouragement and growth as a part of the transformation process. Whether you were a part of the audience for the message or not, let me encourage you to make Bible reading an intentional practice, a daily one. Of course, I am not encouraging you to “read for the sake of saying you have read” or to “wear out your Bible” so others might know you are using it. No, read it, asking God to speak to you through it. From His Word we find those myriad promises that serve to encourage us in our daily walk and we also find the challenge to be more like our Savior, Jesus Christ. When we read His Word with such an intentional purpose, to be more like Him, His Word becomes our life-guide in knowing how our Savior walked, lived, talked, and ministered. In Him we see our model for daily living. There is more to reading the Bible than “wearing out a book!”

Nandiara Hentges had a conversation with her friend about “coming to church.” After Nadiara’s invitation, her friend shook her head and said she wouldn’t be going to church anytime soon. She said, “I haven’t gone in a long time. Besides, it’s too late for me. I’ve probably already broken all seven commandments.” (Reader’s Digest, May 2010, p. 176)

Biblical illiteracy is indeed a problem. The obvious answer to the problem is to “use your Bible” whether it is new or used! You might want to start with Exodus, Chapter 20!

Going to the bookstore,

Pastor Bob

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