This IS an advertisement

On occasion when I am reading the newspaper or a magazine, I will think I am reading a news story then I notice that across the top or in some inconspicuous place there is a small print line that states: “This is an advertisement.” Some of what is appearing as news is more like an infomercial ad in print:  “Order today and you get three for the price of one…plus free shipping!”

Well, let’s be clear up front! This IS an advertisement, but it IS news worthy!  Next Sunday, April 17, our students will host the Fundraising Spaghetti Lunch to help raise money for summer camp.  If you don’t have your FREE ticket yet, you might want to stop reading and call Pastor Patrick to reserve your spot. (Operators are standing by to take your call!) Though I think they are planning for extras, it would be good to let them know that you plan to attend.  There will also be a dessert auction following lunch, so bring your checkbook and your appetite.

A few years back, Readers Digest printed some doctor’s notes that had been scribbled on patients’ charts, and in this case were reported by  On one chart, the doctor had written “Patient has two teenage children but no other abnormalities.”  (December 2010, p. 32)  While sometimes we may tend to think teenagers are abnormal, that is not the case!  In fact, if you change the year, they are you and YOU were once one of them!  They may speak a different language or dress in the present style, but they are you.  And I, for one, am glad they are in church and participating in activities like this luncheon and summer camp that will allow them to serve and grow spiritually.  I am thankful they are willing to serve and look forward to helping cover some of the summer camp costs so they will have the opportunity to grow in the process!

“I am Pastor Bob, and I approve this advertisement!”

Pastor Bob

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