The Upper Workroom!

A few Sundays ago during our 9 AM Bible study time, I was in my office and heard some “unusual noise” coming from the Office Workroom area.  The copier has a distinct noise, the opening of drawers and closing of cabinet doors make noise, but this was “unusual” in that it was verbal, low, and muffled, but loud enough for me to explore.

I quietly opened the door between the Office area and the Workroom.  To my surprise, there were three young ladies, members of our Oasis group of young singles/college students, PRAYING out loud.  They were not all praying at the same time, but praying in the Workroom.  I know our staff does that on occasion when the copier doesn’t work right or gets jammed, but there was nothing like that happening; they were just praying.  As I listened for a moment I determined they were not praying for the copier; they were praying for me and our CPTC staff!

After a little more investigation, I also found like-groups in the Foyer of the Worship Center and seated in the pews of the Worship Center and altar areas, groups of 3 or 4, praying for our services, our guests, and all that would go on in a few short minutes when we gathered for worship.

I’m not sure what prompted this action, a teacher, a lesson plan, a particular Scripture; but as a pastor, their Pastor, the “unusual noise” was a tremendous blessing and encouragement.  If I needed any impetus to “preach,” I found even more energy, especially spiritual energy, as a result of the testimony of these “pray-ers” and their prayers.

I am not sure the Workroom of our office complex is deserving of an “upper room” designation, but the actions of that Sunday morning sure made it take on a “holy aura.”  If you recall, when the disciples and believers met in the “upper room” following the resurrection of our Lord, GREAT things happened and followed.  Maybe “fire” will fall on the copier (or some of the other equipment), but I am more desirous of that empowerment of the Holy Spirit upon my life and the lives of our staff and worship leadership.

The great preacher of the past, Charles Haddon Spurgeon, had a group of some 400 people that met in the basement of the great Metropolitan Tabernacle in London where he pastored while he preached.  As he recounted often, he considered them the power source for the preaching.  We don’t have a basement, but we do have a Workroom that can be used as an “upper room” any time you might like to miss my preaching!

These all with one mind were continually devoting themselves to prayer…”  Acts: 1:14a

Pastor Bob

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