The Strangest Pregnancy in the World!

One of the joys of pastoring here at CPTC is our on-campus New Life Pregnancy Center, a part of the ministry of our Arizona Baptist Children’s Services.  Our own Debbie Gillmore is the local director, and we are blessed to have her serve in this role.  It has become more than just a ministry to “women with child”; rather, it is a ministry with an international clientele seeking help in myriad ways.  Recently Debbie shared some Christmas thoughts; and as I was personally moved by her sharing, I asked her permission to reprint her email in my blog.  I know you will enjoy and be inspired as I was.

Every year, God gives me a new Christmas ministry story. This year it happened just this past Tuesday. “But what happened to her? And what happened to the baby?” At the end of the class, a client came to me and asked those questions. “I can’t wait until next week to know!” she said.

I have been sharing the story “The Strangest Pregnancy in the World” at the conclusion of our weekly Parenting Class, telling the story of the birth of Jesus in a contemporary way. I ended this week’s story by saying, “Next week you’ll find out how Joseph reacted to Mary telling him, ‘I’m pregnant. And, you know, you are not the father.’ ”

Many people assume that everyone who lives in the United States knows the story of how Jesus left His heavenly throne and took on the body of an infant. Many people who live here do not know anything about His birth! It is a joyful privilege to be able to see the light in the eyes of a client who is beginning to comprehend the wonder and glory of Christmas for the very first time.

As I thought about my client’s questions, I realized that they reflect the heart of the New Life Pregnancy Center ministry.  Women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy come to us for pregnancy testing and resources. Sometimes they come for a pregnancy test and we never see them again. When that happens, I find myself thinking, “But what happened to her? And what happened to the baby?”

That is when I am so grateful that this is a Christ-centered ministry; I can take that woman to the King who came to that tiny, dirty stable in Bethlehem and ask Him to guide her and provide for that little one. I have no doubt that He loves her and her baby, and that they are never lost from His sight. The message and the GLORY of Christmas is played out in every New Life Pregnancy Center and in the heart of every director every week.  (Debbie Gillmore, Director, Tempe NLPC)

Will you join me in praying for Debbie, the host of volunteers that ably assist in this critical ministry, and for all those who come asking questions! Might we always have and share the right answer–JESUS CHRIST!

Pastor Bob

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