Teacher Appreciation

Thank You, teachers!

In recent weeks, as I have prepared for the current message series from Proverbs and considered the wise “teachings” for living life, I have been reminded of some of my teachers from the past.  Most of my memories are birthed in something particular a teacher did or said as I was being taught.   Understand, some of these things would not be well received today!

*My first grade teacher, Mrs. Davis, got my attention early on when she tied Ronnie Lloyd in his seat, put a sign around his neck “I am a baby,” and gave him a baby bottle.  She NEVER had to discipline me.

*My third grade teacher, Miss Annie, (who had been “missed” several times and was single in her late years) who taught me respect with her words of wisdom in response to my tattling, “So-and-so called me a ________” (fill-in-the-blank) simply replied, “If he called you a millionaire, would it make you one?”

*My sixth grade teacher, Mrs. Spain, who showed a care for my personal educational and spiritual well-being inside and outside the classroom, provided inspiration that I still cherish today.

*My FFA teacher, Mr. Crossno, (Future Farmers of America, that is) reminded me of my witness to him years after I had graduated by telling me he still had the little New Testament in his desk I had given him.  I’m not sure he ever used it, but he knew where it was and who gave it to him.  Note:  while I am thankful for farmers, I am so very glad that was not my life calling!

*My junior year Latin teacher, Mrs. Smelzter at Carl Hayden High School here in the valley, who understood that a Tennessee boy in culture shock had never taken a “foreign language” before, took time to work with me to understand that Latin was NOT a foreign language, but that my Tennessee vernacular could well be understood or misunderstood as one.

*My preaching professor at SWBTS in Fort Worth, gave me three pieces of “wisdom.”  Be biblical, be short (I was and am), and “button your jacket in the pulpit.”  That last one may not seem important but it taught me a respect for my calling and that sharing the Word of God was a high calling.

Countless others down through the years have contributed to who I am as a person and as a pastor.  My mom and dad, friends, many other teachers at various levels, and those in the churches whom I have been privileged to sit under and glean wisdom from, I am thankful for them all.

This next week is Teacher Appreciation Week in our educational system.  We, as CPTC, will express our appreciation to some local teachers at Hudson, Arredondo, and Carminiti Schools.  We appreciate the sacrifices they make each day for the students in our community.  Let me encourage you to “appreciate” some of your teachers; that is, your LifePoints, Sunday School, Awana, Ladies’ Bible Study, Men’s Bible Study, and teachers in other settings for the contributions they make to your life and the lives of your children!  Tell them, “You are appreciated!”

Blessings to all,

Pastor Bob

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