Speaking Truth!

As I write this, I do so with some level of fear and trepidation!  My fear?  That in writing about “political correctness,” I fear I will be politically incorrect!  The subject of political correctness is definitely mainstream in today’s world, especially during the election season and it seems everyone is fair game for scrutiny.

USA WEEKEND some years back shared some examples that could help or hurt the preacher:

vertically challenged – short;

economically challenged – poor;

chronologically gifted – old;

follicularly challenged – bald;

motivationally dispossessed – lazy;

client of the correctional system – inmate;

fiscally challenged – broke; and,

abundant with words – preacher!

(I just made up that last one!  Sorry, trying to be truthful.)  (USA WEEKEND, May 1-3, 1992, p. 21)

As I reviewed the list, I found several that correctly described me; but most of the words that others share with me are the “one-word” descriptions.

As a point of valued consideration, it is important that we guard our words so they do not hurt others or our witness; but what is more important than being politically correct is that we be “spiritually correct.” We are to be purveyors of truth; as in Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.”  That message needs to be shared without apology or without any modifications to make it seemingly more acceptable. We do not need to change the Truth of the Gospel.  We need to share the Truth that is the Gospel!

With a caring and compassionate heart, Jesus took into consideration the needs of people, but He never spoke untruth or tried to soften the message for the hearer.  When the situation called for words, he delivered truth–always.

Personally one needs to be spiritually correct, for life and for eternity.  Acts 4:12 reads like this:  There is salvation in no one else!  There is no other name in all of heaven for people to call on to save them.”  (NLT)

Then when you are spiritually correct, you can speak TRUTH, share TRUTH, and live TRUTH.  Do the correct thing!

Pastor Bob

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