Scheduled for a check-up!

Have you been to the doctor for a check-up recently?  It seems I have visited doctors more in the last ten years than in the previous 50 years total!  The parts are wearing out faster than they can be replaced and some of the parts they can’t even find replacements for!!  Some of my problems are directly related to a less than healthy lifestyle during those previous 50 years.  Guess who is at fault?  Not the doctor!

Let’s do a “check-up.”  What about your relationships?  Are they “healthy”?  Relationships with your spouse, children, other family members, church family, co-workers, and the world around you–do relationships even exist; and if they do, what kind of shape are they in?  Most of us, well really all of us, could use some help in evaluating and then strengthening our relationships with others at all levels of interaction.

Over the course of the next several weeks, we are going to use our Sunday morning message time to examine our relationships and look to God’s Word for some help in making those relationships ones that are God-honoring and healthy.  In our context, the first relationship and the one that colors all others, is our relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  No other relationship can be all it can be unless the love of God is on display in your life.  Is it?  That’s the question “Doctor Bob” will be asking throughout the series; and the prescriptions from God’s Word will have to be taken to do any good.  Yes, sometimes I go to the doctor.  He recommends something to fix the problem; but, of course, I always know better than the doctor so I do not follow his advice.  While you might indeed know better than Doctor Bob, you don’t know better than God’s Word!  So plan now to listen and follow HIS instructions.

Some years ago, I visited a new primary care physician.  In the initial interview with me, he asked me some questions that, I admit, I did not feel were any of his business.  He asked, “Do you smoke?”  I didn’t, so I allowed that question as ok.  But then he asked, “Do you always wear your seatbelt?”  At the time I must admit, I didn’t always wear my seatbelt and I figured it was my prerogative to do so or not to do so.  When I honestly answered the doctor, he was very candid in his reply.  “Why should I bother to care about your health, your life, if you don’t?”  Every part of me wanted to say, “Because I am paying you,” but I really didn’t have an answer that made any sense.

When it comes to our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, there is not an answer that makes any sense as to why we would refuse the offer of life that He extends to us.  When it comes to our relationships with others, no matter what the relationship is, there is no good reason we should not show God’s love to all people.  It’s the only answer that makes sense and makes a healthy relationship a reality.

See you at the doctor’s office on Sunday.  Your checkup is scheduled for 10:30 AM.

Doctor Bob

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