Proverbs…action words for life!

Some years ago, I believe during the Michael Jordan basketball popularity, Nike had a logo saying “Just Do It” (trademarked).  A few thousand years before that was ever printed on a T-shirt, Solomon, according to Scripture the wisest man ever, wrote, “Just do it or just don’t do it.”  His writings come to us in the Old Testament book of Proverbs.

Mr. Webster says of the word “verb,” verb\’verb\n: a word that denotes action, for example, run, do, jump.  So, we have a word (verb) that is a noun but anticipates action, denotes action.  Our new series which begins on April 26 is titled “Proverbs…action words for life!”  We will look at a few of Solomon’s wisdom words and consider some “doing” and some “not doing” as they apply to our daily living.  These are very practical, livable words that will serve to give direction for day-to-day living in very difficult times that present multiple options which are often times confusing.  God’s Word, in this practical format, will benefit us if we are willing to take the “action” needed; to do or not to do.

I read of a mom who was trying to motivate her video-game-couch-potato-son; and, in exasperation, she shouted, “Get up and do something even if it’s nothing.”  Huh?

I suppose “doing nothing” is in a sense “doing something,” but our point will be more to make wise choices that put us in a position to live a life that honors the Lord in our relationship with Him and in our witness of Him.  Along the way, you may need to “sit on the couch” rather than do something that you should not do; or maybe you will need to “get up off the couch or pew” and do something you should do.

Don’t be confused.  Solomon will make it clearer than I can.  I am purposefully attempting to get you thinking.  Why don’t you get a head start and read Proverbs 1 before we start the series.

Just do it now!

Blessings to all,

Pastor Bob

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