Present and voting!

The “church business meeting” has a notorious past that has not been God honoring in many cases!  There are some funny, and sad, stories that many can tell.  And if you have been a part of such a meeting, well, you have a story.  In Baptist life, it used to be that churches had business meetings every month; but in recent years, churches have recognized that those meetings are NOT necessarily needed or a good use of our member’s time.  There was probably another contributing factor to the change:  pastors praying for their demise!

With lagging attendance, unless there is an issue, most churches have gone to an annual or semi-annual meeting format.  We at CrossPoinTempe hold semi-annual meetings in May and November. These meetings have primarily become a sharing time, allowing for a catch-up on ministry activity and providing a good time of letting all those who are interested see and hear what is going on across the life of the church.  You are invited ANYTIME, but especially this November 9, to see what your church (or maybe your potential church) is doing!

Would you agree, the business of the church is not necessarily the busyness of meetings, no matter how frequent or infrequent we hold them?  Our business is an ongoing proclamation of the Good News of Jesus Christ, from the teaching and preaching platforms on Sunday and in personal encounters throughout the week.  THAT business should be an everyday meeting of opportunity as the Holy Spirit might schedule for you; thus, don’t miss that meeting!

While I enjoy (well, somewhat enjoy) our semi-annual business meetings, and to be the best of my memory have never been a part of a business meeting that was dishonoring to God or uncomfortable for those attending, I could do without them.  Simple reason, we really don’t need a business meeting to be about His business.  I vote for that!

The early church had a ten-day prayer meeting before they went out to do His business!  (See Acts 1-4.) Let’s make sure that prayer is on our agenda when we meet, then let’s go out and DO His business!  We are now adjourned!!

Pastor Bob, present and voting!

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