Ladies, you have my permission to “skip” this blog post if you would like; unless, of course, you would like to know what I am telling your husband!

When Janet Cutmore received a bouquet of flowers from her husband on Valentine’s Day, she was more than bewildered by the accompanying card. It simply read, “No.”  Confused by the message, she called her husband at work for clarification.  His explanation was less than romantic.  When the florist asked if he had a message to send with the flowers, he said, “No”. (Reader’s Digest, February 2007, p. 147)  Men, the flowers are nice and a nice thought, but something other than “no” would make the flowers (or the candy, or the perfume) much more meaningful and serve to eliminate any confusion!

First, your wife is God’s special gift to you; tell her that! Second, she is your partner-mate for life, all of life; and she needs to know that (not “NO” that)!  Third, have you told her since your wedding day, that you love her?  If not, you have some catching up to do.  Get started!

One of my roles as a pastor is to exhort men to be the husband Christ calls for you to be. That said, read Ephesians 5:25-32.  You will find some words there you need to hear.  A second role is to be an example before you.  So in the days that lead up to Valentine’s Day, I am going to practice being that husband.  After 46 years as “Miss Brenda’s husband,” I have a lot of catching up to do!  I realize Miss Brenda might say “NO,” but I’m guessing she will be happy to hear what I have to say…and give!

(Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day to all you ladies who read this!J)

On my way to the florist,

Pastor Bob

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