My hero!

Did you have any heroes when you were growing up? I’ll date myself here, but my Saturday morning, black and white TV heroes were Roy Rogers, The Lone Ranger, and Sky King. (Anyone remember him?) Yes, I had some sports heroes also as our radio could pick up the St. Louis Cardinals baseball games on a good night; and I would listen to the “on the field” exploits of the likes of “Stan the Man” Musial and Wally Moon! Sorry to disappoint you, but Billy Graham was not my childhood hero!

It’s a bit more difficult at my age and in today’s world to find any screen star heroes; and very few athletes would muster the title “hero”, though there are a few athletes that I do admire for their Christian testimony.

About 12 years ago however, I did discover a new hero! He was (is) a Phoenix Police Officer, having made a career change later in life than most. It was his love and he was good at it, desiring to be the very best officer, husband, father, and Christian he could be. On August 28, 2003, my hero was on duty when an impaired driver hit him and forever changed the life of the officer, the life of his family, and the lives of his church family and friends. These last years have tested both the physical and emotional resolve of Officer Keith Young as well as that of his sweet and loving family. While there have been some dark days and dark times, Keith’s faith in God as the One in control of it all has not waned or wavered. Nor has his hero status in my eyes.

Earlier today, I prayed with my hero, Officer Young, and lifted him to his Hero and mine, the Lord Jesus Christ. We are presently in one of those dark times. You may not personally know my hero but could I ask you to join me, wherever you might be, in special prayer for Officer Young and his family? His testimony remains one that is faithful and true to the Lord he trusts in. That’s what heroes are made of, especially real life heroes, like Keith.

My childhood hero Roy Rogers had a loving wife, Dale Evans, who loved her husband and loved her horse, Buttermilk. Keith has that same support: a wife who loves him dearly and loves her horse. But, I’m thinking… Keith is still number one! Pray for my “hero”!

Pastor Bob

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