March Madness

Basketball fever!  I must admit, I have it!  “March Madness,” as the NCAA tournament time is known, is an enjoyable diversion; and when the U of A Wildcats (where I acknowledge allegiance; sorry, CPTC ASU fans) have at least made the “Sweet Sixteen,” it holds a special attraction for me to follow.  Other things have prevented my watching some of the games, but that’s all right.  Phone apps, even during weddings, are a life saver!

As much as I might get excited about a good basketball game or some of the human interest stories that come during this season, it is a short-lived excitement.  That is, of course, unless I need to fan the flames of rivalry with a deacon or ASU student!  There IS something more important that basketball!

NOTHING, absolutely nothing, is as exciting as the celebrations we enjoy as His church at this beautiful season of Easter.  The music, the messages, the familiar but always moving Scripture passages, the celebrations that include worship and fellowship, are all made possible by the fact of an empty tomb and a living Lord Jesus Christ!  Those things trump any basketball tourney or anything else for that matter.

There were more than a few upsets in the first weekend of March Madness tournament play.  Several of the higher seeded favorites were soon eliminated, to the surprise of many.  In fact, some 11 million payoff brackets were filled out online at ESPN; and after the second weekend, when the 68 teams are down to 16, there were only 14 brackets still intact.  14 out of 11 million!  Those are some pretty overwhelming numbers.  I read that the odds of picking a “perfect bracket” were something like 910 billion to one.  So, we will see!

Based on statistics, what were the “odds” that a dead man would rise again as he said?  By the world’s measure, not very good!  Yet, by the multiplied witness of many who saw him, talked to him, ate with him…well, that is what we celebrate:  a Risen Lord.  And I must ask, what are the “odds” He is coming back again as He said He would?  No guessing for me; I’ve made my decision and I know I will be a winner!  It is a sure thing!

Join us for the celebrations of these next days:  Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter.  While we won’t be “cutting down any nets,” we will be “lifting up our voices and hearts in praise and worship of our living Lord and Savior”!

Blessings to all,

Pastor Bob

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