Living & Loving Beyond Ourselves

We are presently mid-way through a Sunday message series titled Living and Loving Beyond Ourselves. After the first message titled Overflow…Making Ripples in Your World, I received an email from one of our CPTC members, Mike G. I have asked his permission to share that note in part (with some emphases and comments added by me in parentheses). He has graciously agreed.

Good morning, sir,

I wanted to let you know I enjoyed your sermon Sunday. (THAT is encouraging; someone listened!) You hit on a point that is a major philosophy in my life. At an early age, I realized it’s not all about me. (Where have I heard that before?) My actions do not just affect me.  Everything you do has an equal or greater reaction. (Like dropping pebbles or rocks in a pool on the platform; things get wet!) It can be positive or negative.  In baseball I preached to the kids, “don’t try to be bigger than the game.  If you try to be bigger than the game, the game will put you in your place.” In my life with God, I use the same advice. You can’t be bigger than God. We try to be at times, and each time God puts us in our place. You talked about helping others. I read in a book about the ultimate test of showing that it is not about you. The author said to help someone who you know cannot repay you. A lot of times we are willing to help because we will get repaid for helping.

Just the other day, I heard an interview with Ichiro’s agent (Ichiro is the talented outfielder from Japan who has played for the Seattle Mariners, New York Yankees, and now with the Miami Marlins at the age of 40.) He said one of the major things he has learned from Ichiro is that every minute has meaning. That made me stop and think. How many see each minute as having meaning? It made me think that if we view each minute as having meaning, it can help us get closer to God.

Mike closed with “have a great day and week.” That’s easy for a pastor to do when he knows someone was listening and that God used the time to speak to others, causing them to give pause and consider their relationship with Him. Mike’s message spoke to me! I hope it hits a home run with you!

Blessings to all,

Pastor Bob

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