I am a church member!

I am a church member! Are you?  And, by your interpretation, what does that mean?

This next Sunday I will introduce our new five-week message series that begins on January 17. This series will address what the New Testament has to say about “the church” of which you are a member!  While I will primarily be using Paul’s words from Philippians, we will also be providing a copy of Tom Rainer’s book “I am a church member” as some additional reading to augment our messages.

Paul writes in Ephesians that “Christ died for the church.” That’s a high price!  What are we willing to contribute to see the church He died for be successful?  What’s our part in the mission and ministry of CrossPoinTempe Church?  Where do I fit in?  Those are some of the questions we will address in the series as we prayerfully seek an understanding of our individual roles in His church.

Andy Stanley says, “Church membership is not about the privileges of membership, rather, about the privilege of being a member.” And, while I count it a privilege to be your Pastor, I count it just as much a privilege to be a member of a local body of believers called CrossPoinTempe that desires to fulfill His calling to make a difference in this community, our city, our nation, and our world.  We can.  Yet, we can make more of a difference if all the members of the body fulfill the role He has placed them here to fill! In our fulfilling our individual roles, we glorify God and make an eternal impact as a team, seeing lives changed for now and forever.

This figure may astound you, but do you know that the membership of CrossPoinTempe numbers just at 1000! Now, granted, records are just that:  records.  They get stale.  Some of our members are, I’m sure, already in heaven.  They just didn’t take time to request a transfer of membership.  Yet, it’s not what the 999 contribute; it’s about you, ONE!  Will you pray in advance and plan to join us for the series that I believe can make 2016 and the years that follow some of the most productive, God-honoring, life-changing years in our long history.

If you are NOT a member, well, it’s time. If you are a member, what a great time to join other members in discovering anew what a privilege it is to be part of HIS church!

Your fellow member,

Pastor Bob

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