How smart are you

Living in a world of “on-demand” information from Smart Phones, SIRI, Google, Bing, and hundreds of other “just a click away” sources, it’s sometimes pleasurable to relax and take time to actually “read a book.”  I have just finished a great work on Adoniram Judson by Rosalie Hall Hunt; and though I have read several works on Judson and his amazing work in Burma during the 1800’s, I found there was a lot I did not know!

Daniel Boorstin, who lived from 1914 to 2004, was an American historian, educator, and Librarian of Congress.  A statement he once made can easily be applied to our Christian walk or our discipleship journey.  Boorstin said, “Education is learning what you didn’t even know you didn’t know.”  Take time to slowly re-read that statement; it’s not just “preacher talk,” it is a thought-provoking statement.  As believers, there is SO VERY MUCH we can learn from just reading and re-reading one book:  God’s Word, the Bible.  Just think, have you ever wondered why it’s called “The Good Book”?  There may be lots of reasons I suppose, but it is a Good Book to learn what you didn’t even know you didn’t know.

I speak from personal testimony when I say that after scores of years of reading and re-reading this Good Book, I find there is always something for me to know that I didn’t know; and in some cases didn’t know that I didn’t know.  Well, actually, that is true in most cases.  Many times I find that the interpretation of a particular passage or story is the key.  If it is my personal interpretation, it is limited.  But if I am willing to listen to the THE Interpreter, God’s Holy Spirit, then the passage or text takes on a new meaning and application altogether.  It seems He always has His “high-liter” ready to mark a few things for me or is always whispering, “Re-read that again, Bob.”

To a pastor, who sometimes likes to think he’s pretty smart and knows it all, (Well, I hope I don’t portray that image for I know for sure I don’t know most of it at all!) I find that laying aside the electronics and spending some quiet time with God’s Word is ALWAYS AN EDUCATIONAL MOMENT.

Get educated!!  Read the Good Book.  And, yes, you CAN read it on your smartphone.  Just turn off the ringer and the alerts.  Listen only to HIM!

Pastor Bob

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