He is STILL risen!

After enjoying a glorious Easter Resurrection Celebration that included a great selection of Easter music from the past and present, some good fellowship outside in the beauty of God’s creation with God’s family, and a bold declaration of the fact that “He lives” (all of which takes a lot of time and preparation from a lot of people), we have a tendency to “crash.”  Well, maybe that’s just me.  We say, “Wow, that was great.  Now let’s rest for a few days.”  The disciples did go into hiding for a time, so maybe we do have scriptural precedent to do so.  Not really.  You understand.

While Jesus has been risen for some two thousand years, and while we continue to celebrate that fact on one special day each year, the news should not diminish in excitement or relevance! He still lives!  He lives every day and every Sunday our personal preparation and worship should be just as exciting as the last time we gathered!

Well, it should be; but like new shoes that become old, like a new car that soon loses that new car smell, or even that new friendship that was exciting for a few weeks, we may allow the excitement of a risen Savior to become stale. Often our times together reflect that attitude.  We take for granted the most glorious news ever.  Don’t do that!

On several occasions, Jesus took time to rest and encouraged his disciples to do so. Taking a break from the busyness of life is indeed worthwhile and is a prescription that helps the body and the soul.  However, can you really take a break from the glorious fact of a Risen Lord?  Personally, I don’t think so. In fact, while I may take a golf course break this week, I am ALREADY looking forward to the next time we will be able to gather and celebrate Easter!  And that’s just a few days away!

Will you join us this next Lord’s Day as we worship the same glorious Savior we worshipped last week? The “news” never gets old nor does my worship for my Savior! As we shared yesterday, the angel declared, “He is not here, He is risen…just as He said.” How true, but aren’t you glad He is here every time we gather.   That is His promise to His church!

Tee time is Sunday at 10:30 am! Get ready in advance, practice your “worship swing”!

Pastor Bob

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