Fireworks after church!

fireworksWe recently attended a Diamondbacks baseball game that was followed by a fireworks display as they opened the roof to the night sky.  It was pretty amazing.  I must admit, it took several years removed from some Vietnam experiences for me to enjoy fireworks; but now I love to see the “bombs bursting in air,” the amazing colors and patterns, and especially the patriotic displays.

As we celebrate the 4th of July, most generally we see some firework displays.  In recent years, some local churches have sponsored huge firework displays as an outreach to the community.  I applaud those efforts.  It takes a lot of work, expense, and coordination.  Getting the pastor “fired up” is sometimes a lot of work!  As the old saying goes, “If the pastor is not fired with enthusiasm, then he needs to be fired…with enthusiasm!”

As recorded in the book of Acts, the New Testament church “had some fireworks” that were not necessarily scheduled!  The “fireworks” (“the place was shaken” that is) came after the church had gathered and prayed.  The “display” that followed definitely impacted their community and eventually their world as the love and power of God was put on display in their lives.

On Sunday we will gather to celebrate our freedoms, as a nation, but more as a people in Christ Jesus. We will enjoy some great patriotic music and hopefully hear a great message.  But most of all, it is my hope we will model that New Testament church:  gather and pray!  Then, watch the fireworks!

In my community of Chandler, the grocery stores sell fireworks; but there is a sign posted next to the display that reads “Fireworks are illegal in Chandler!”  While we celebrate freedom on the 4th, I suppose there are some things that we are not free to do.  Buy, but don’t “display”!

We enjoy a freedom to worship and pray.  Let’s do both and let others enjoy the display!

All fired up,

Pastor Bob

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