Are you a “Firefighter”?

During a recent Wednesday night Bible Study, I asked the group the question.  Are you a “Firefighter”?

We often read or quote the 1 Thessalonians 5:19 passage (do not put out the Spirit’s fire…NIV) as a word about not “breaking or quenching the Spirit” in the life of the church or in a particular group by having a personal spirit that is not God honoring, an attitude that prevents the Holy Spirit’s working in our midst.  Not taking that word out of context, I asked the group to give it a more personal application beyond the effect it can have on a church or group.  I asked, “Do you ever ‘fight the fire’ (the Holy Spirit within you) and prevent His work by being disobedient, rebellious, or just complacent?  Do you ever stop or thwart His will by promoting your own selfish will over His?”  These are difficult questions because, if answered in light of the Holy Spirit’s convicting power, which is one of His roles according to Scripture, the answers are not usually God honoring.

I recently came across a note I had written down some eight years ago.  Lauren McCain was a victim of the tragic Virginia Tech shooting rampage that took place in April, 2007.  Lauren had this statement posted on her Myspace account:  “The purpose of my life is Jesus Christ.  I don’t have to argue religion, philosophy, or historical evidence, because I know Him.”  (My emphasis added)

May I ask another question or two?  In your space, do you allow Him, the Spirit of God, to work?  Is the material too wet with the world to catch fire?  Does He have to argue with the other things you have given space in your life to have first place?  Difficult questions?  Yes!  Necessary to answer?  Yes, if you are to allow Him to own your space.  The more you “know” Him, the more you will enjoy His living in your space.

Don’t be a “Firefighter”; it’s dangerous!  Let Him set your world, your space, on fire!

Blessings to all,

Pastor Bob

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