Every DAY!

Tomorrow, May 5, is the National Day of Prayer. At present there are myriad calls for God’s people to pray for our nation.  This effort, celebrating its 65th anniversary, is themed “Wake Up, America” with a Scripture text of Isaiah 58:1a.  Through Franklin Graham’s Decision America Tour, The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is also calling on Christians to pray, vote, and be engaged.  Graham is using the familiar text from 2 Chronicles 7:14, as speaking to our need to pray.

I support these efforts personally and pastorally as well as others that call on us during a particularly difficult time in our nation’s journey to lift our leaders and our nation to the Lord. There IS a need for Christians to pray!  While I encourage you to support these efforts, I also encourage you to not just make it a “day of prayer,” but an “everyday commitment to prayer.”  The church has been around some 2000 years; and even 1000’s of years before she was birthed at Pentecost, God called on His people to pray.  (Check out the 2 Chronicles 7:14 passage.)  It is an expectation, a great privilege, and it comes with a great responsibility.

Let me encourage you to check out these two websites: nationaldayofprayer.com and decisionamericatour.com. Both sites list some specific items to pray for during these days.  On the National Day of Prayer site, be sure to read or pray the prayer written by Dr. Tony Evans, who is the Chairperson of this year’s National Day of Prayer.  If you don’t choose to use their prayer guides, just read the headlines in tomorrow’s paper; and you will discover MUCH to pray for as you consider the needs of our nation.

Don’t, however, wait until tomorrow to pray for your nation.  Starting today, lift up your nation EVERY DAY, its leaders and leaders-to-be, and YOURSELF!  If you are like me, that item (ME) is on my EVERY DAY prayer list–at the top of the list!

Praying today, tomorrow, and every day for my nation!

Pastor Bob

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