EVERY DAY Thanksgiving

I told the children in my Pastor Bob’s Buddies group this past Sunday about going to the Chandler Fashion Mall on Saturday, November 5, and seeing Santa!  He wasn’t kissing Momma under the mistletoe; rather he was having his picture made with children for a not so nominal fee!  Folks, it’s NOVEMBER!  November is about Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving Day, not Santa Claus.  And besides, it’s still 90 degrees in Arizona!

A few weeks back I made a stop at a party goods store to purchase some fall napkins for our annual Senior Adult Luncheon.  After searching all over and not finding any, I asked the young lady where I might find them.  She replied, “Oh yes, they are in the back; but we can’t put them out until after Halloween is put away.” “But, you have Christmas out already!”  All she could do was defer to a manager who wasn’t there.  I walked away scratching my head.

Through the years, somehow Thanksgiving has been lost.  Not only does it have to fight for recognition with football on its given day, we find it lost between the Halloween madness and the Christmas rush.  It used to be that we ate turkey, enjoyed family, and watched football.  Now it seems, though it is better this year with some major retailers deciding to close on Thanksgiving Day, we eat and then some of us rush off to shop.  That usually leaves the guys with football and dishes, though not in that order. I am 50% thankful when that happens!

The remedy?  Yes, we can and should celebrate Thanksgiving Day; but as we are encouraged in the book of Hebrews, why not make every day a day of thanksgiving!  Problem solved!  Not a day, nor even a defined season, but an everyday giving of thanks because we have reasons!  The writer put it like this, “By Him (Jesus Christ), therefore, let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips, giving thanks to his name.”  Hebrews 13:15 KJV

On Thanksgiving Eve, November 23, we will gather as the CrossPoinTempe Church family, hopefully with lots of extended family and guests, to share a special time of thanks around the Lord’s Table.  No football, no turkey, no shopping–just giving thanks for all the reasons that abound.  Join us.

(P.S.   Yes, I am more than thankful the election is now behind us but understanding that there are lots of days of prayer before us.)

The dishes are callin’,

Pastor Bob

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