Does SIRI Know Everything?

Does SIRI know everything?  If you are not up to speed on smart phone technology, SIRI is a function on the iPhone that provides several directional or informational options, which I use on occasion.   SIRI stands for: Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface.  That simply means you can ask your phone a question and “it” answers.  Most times SIRI tells me, “I do not understand,” and I am supposing that has something to do with my Tennessee vernacular not being very easily interpreted.

Have you ever asked SIRI any “God” questions?  I thought it might be fun to see what SIRI had to say; so I asked, “Where is God”?  SIRI said, “Let’s see.  Here’s what I found on the WEB about ‘Where is God?’ ”  So I have determined that SIRI does not know everything in spite of what my teenage techie-granddaughter might think!

In recent years, we have become a culture that does a lot of “looking down” for answers or guidance.  We gaze down at our phone to talk to SIRI, or bend our necks to read Google Maps, or text a friend for their help with directions to a specific destination.  It seems convenient; and it can be, I must admit as a man, very helpful.  Like, now I can get by with blaming SIRI when I am lost!  Long before the advent of smartphones and other such technology, the Psalmist offered a better strategy.  In Psalm 121:1-2 we are encouraged to “look up because our help comes from the Lord.” 

I’m not real sure yet that SIRI is always dependable or that he/she really cares whether I get where I am going or not.  I do know by experience my Heavenly Father IS always dependable and He always cares about helping me get where I am going!  But to get directions, you have to ask!  That’s called prayer!  Try it; look down while looking up.

“SIRI, directions to heaven?”  SIRI did direct me to God’s Word when I asked, so let’s give it up for SIRI!!

Blessings to all,

Pastor Bob

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