Deep and Wide!

As some of my CrossPoinTempe Church family knows from experience, I am not much of a vocalist and even less the musical person when there are “motions” that go with the song! The little Sunday School song, “Deep and Wide” was a source of great frustration for me because when I was supposed to be one, I was always the other.

I recently read about astronaut Scott Kelly who returned to earth on March 1 from his record-setting 340 days in space. The absence of gravity on the International Space Station, orbiting 249 miles above the earth, allowed his spine to expand and increase his height.  Kelly was two inches taller on his return than when he blasted into space.  I have already signed up for the next trip!  Unfortunately, back on the planet and dealing with gravity, Kelly will soon shrink back to his “normal” height.  I hope he took some pictures to document his historic growth spurt.

While I personally seem to do “the wide” with an on and off consistency depending on the diet or lack thereof, I know my attention needs to be more given to “the deep.” As one goes deeper into His Word one’s ongoing relationship with the Lord also grows deeper and stronger, allowing one to stand firm when all else seems to be near collapse.  Isaiah reminds us, “The Word of our God stands forever” and His promise is that He will stand with us forever; so, that seems a great place to stand!

I may never be six foot six above ground, but my feet are planted on the Rock; and when the “rains come down and the flood comes up” (another frustrating motion song for me), I will be able to stand in His strength.  Genuine spiritual growth does not shrink when we come back down to earth after some crisis or storm; rather it continues to grow deeper and taller, and, yes, even wider in its influence and example before others.

Deep and tall, deep and tall, deep and tall.  I’m just practicing the song, with the motions!

Pastor Bob

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