5 across:  word found in “across”

6 down:  plural name of a puzzle

Admittedly, I am not very good at “crossword puzzles.”  Perhaps that is a measure of my intelligence or lack thereof, or maybe I’m just not very good at understanding the abbreviated clues.  I am more given to reasoning that it’s because of my impatience.  I find myself very quickly looking for the answer page. Waiting for tomorrow’s edition of the newspaper is out of my “patience league” altogether!

This next Sunday, March 22, we begin our Easter series of messages titled, well, guess what:  CrossWords!  While the “cross” remains a puzzle for many, (How could God love that much?), for the believer it is a precious symbol that depicts the sacrifice paid by our Lord Jesus Christ.  Many messages this time of year will deal with the “Seven last sayings (words) of Christ from the cross,” but this is not that.  With four very simple words, the goal is to share the message that reaches beyond the cross, beyond the tomb, and into our lives today.  Once a person discovers that message, they have discovered “The Answer” to ALL of life’s puzzles.

Those words:  Love, Grace, Power, and Hope!  Those words have changed the world and can change your world.  They are all cross words as we see Jesus, through His suffering and sacrifice, display for and to us how very much we mean to Him.

Yes, Easter is about an empty tomb and we will celebrate that fact in our worship times.  However, before the tomb, there was the cross.  On that cross the price was paid for our sins; and the empty tomb “sealed the deal,” or could we say “un-sealed” the deal!  We rejoice in the fact that the stone was rolled away and “the Answer walked out”! Hallelujah!

Are you looking for the answer?  You don’t have to wait!  Join us these next four Sundays as we both discover and celebrate the Good News that both an empty cross and an empty tomb declare!


C  R  O  S  S





Blessings to all,

Pastor Bob

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