One young boy stood by his dad, who was sleeping in the recliner, and asked, “Dad, are you fully charged yet?”  The daily ritual of charging our phones overnight offers a perfect picture of what we need to do as well, that is, get “recharged”!  (Mature Living, November, 2015, p. 68)

Having taken a few days last week for a short visit to San Diego, enjoying some cooler weather, a change of scenery, playing a little golf, and sticking my feet in the ocean…well, I thought I was “recharged”!  Then I stopped in Yuma on the way back and reality at 104 degrees hit me full force in the face.  No, really, I came home to join my church family in worship on Sunday and my definition of “recharged” was dramatically adjusted.

While I know the get-away was good for my physical needs, nothing can be better for my spiritual needs than to worship alongside my church family, seeing God work in our midst!  If you were not here on Sunday, and I know that some wanted to be but could not, you missed an incredible worship time.  The music was fantastic, setting the stage as a “get ready for the Word” moment and allowing us to lift our voices in praise.  You will have to ask someone else about the preaching; but everything else pointed me to a personal time of refreshment and renewal with God’s people as we enjoyed each other, visited with several guests, but most of all encountered God himself!  What a beautiful time of “recharging”.

As much as we need to recharge our phones, tablets, and the like, we personally need to be spiritually recharged.  The opportunity to “plug-in” week by week is a blessing.  God’s Word tells us that is something we need to do.  We live in a world that drains us.  The news of any given day, the personal pressures and stresses of schedules that we all face, issues at work, situations with family, all of these things take it out of you.  You need to be recharged often; and if you aren’t, your relationship with God and others quickly moves to the warning zone.  You are then susceptible to losing some important data!

The Psalmist had much to say about worship, renewal, refreshment, and restoration (recharging); but some of my favorite words are found in Psalm 111.  In verse one, he writes, “I will thank the Lord with all my heart as I meet with His godly people (my CPTC family)!  How amazing are the deeds of the Lord!  All who delight in Him should ponder them.  Everything he does reveals His glory and majesty.  His righteousness never fails.”  (Psalm 111:1-3 NLT)

While I know all of us cannot be present for corporate worship times every week, it is my prayer that you will both consider your need to be spiritually recharged and take advantage of the closest “charging station” at every opportunity you do have.  Just sit right down, plug in, and enjoy!

Plugged in,

Pastor Bob

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