But, it’s a dry heat!

We finished our Vacation Bible School on Friday night with “Family Night”! I was very tempted to try the waterslide myself, just to cool off. I almost had t-shirts made for our staff: I SURVIVED A DRY HEAT VBS! We endured a record breaking heat wave with temps around 119 degrees all week that taxed our A/C units and I am sure pushed a few worker’s temps!

Other than losing one 5/6 th grade boy (for a time; he was hiding behind a couch!) I am hoping we “found” lots of children!  As an outreach to our community VBS is a great event and attraction, but it comes with a very specific goal: Share Christ and His love with boys and girls.

We did that. Now, in our follow up we trust God to honor those efforts.  We did a “lot of planting” during the week and I’m praying for “a good harvest”. Seems scripture has something to say about planting (sowing) and reaping!

With the Harvest America Crusade and Vacation Bible School, well, it’s been a really busy (and hot) June. I am so very thankful as a pastor to have such a great team of staff and volunteers who went above and beyond in both efforts to “stir the soil” and plant. Some of our folks invited and took others to the Harvest Crusade and at least one professed Christ as Savior and was in church the next Sunday. THAT does a pastor’s heart good. And, with all the sharing in VBS I am confident we will see lives changed, both children and adults, in the weeks to come.

There is a popular Christian song out there somewhere about being “made to thrive”. We have not only “survived”, we have “thrived” during this season. Yes, some will take a break; that’s what we do in Arizona, we leave the dry heat and find some place with wet heat, hmmm.  Over these next few weeks we will do a little “cultivating” of those seeds we planted and look forward to, as we resume all programs in August (after it’s cooled to 105 degrees) seeing some of these boys and girls and adults in the CPTC family.

Pool time, or is that, “baptistery time”!

Pastor Bob

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