Binge Worship!

Well, Alejandro Fragoso, also known as “AJ”, is in the record book! You don’t recognize his name?  Well, AJ is in the Guinness Book of World Records as of last week because he watched 94 continuous hours of TV!  It’s called “Binge Watching” and AJ was just 2 hours short of four full days of TV watching.  The “rules” allow for one five-minute break per hour; otherwise, you must be in front of the screen for the record to count.  Ironically, the sponsor of the challenge had a doctor on hand to check AJ before he started and after he finally turned the TV off.  AJ himself said he discovered that binge watching can be “physically taxing.”  He had an elevated heart rate at the end of the binge and suffered from hallucinations–or maybe that was just the program he was watching!

My first conclusion or question, “What on TV is worth watching for 9 hours, let alone 94 hours?” I would be more inclined to call it “binge wasting” rather than “binge watching.”  I am sure, however, that AJ wasn’t really interested in what he was watching, it was more about breaking a record.  I am sorry, but if your life goal is to be known for such, get a life!

Thinking as I do, and knowing I sometimes take some preacher liberties, I wondered when I read the story what it would be like to “binge worship.” Some of you who attend CPTC may think I binge preach! Well, I have never approached 94 hours!  And, I am not sure the term “binge Christian” would be a title I would encourage anyone to aspire to as by definition it might mean just coming to church four Sundays’ in a row, feeling you are then in the record book, and never watching church again!  As I said, those are just preacher thoughts.

However, there is encouragement in God’s Word for us to “binge praise.” That is, we have so much to be thankful for and such an awesome God, we can follow the example of David as he writes in Psalm 34:   I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth.  (Psalm 34:1 NASB, emphasis added)

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Pastor Bob

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