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What do you “really” see

Comedic columnist Dave Barry wrote, “Almost half of the people over 40 believe they look younger than they are.  This says something important about older Americans: We have terrible eyesight.”  (AARP, February/March 2014, p. 41)  Just a note, I don’t read the AARP publication; someone told me about Barry’s comments! Unfortunately, I believe, Christians of […]

Skating on thick ice!

The November, 2016, issue of People Magazine carried an article on Scott Hamilton.  If you don’t remember, Hamilton was an ice skating Olympic gold medalist for the U.S. in 1984 and has since gone on to other skating venues, some sports and Olympic broadcasting, and training other potential Olympic ice skaters.  After the Olympics and as […]

Carpe Diem!

From the movie Dead Poets Society or from Latin class in high school, most are somewhat familiar with the term, Carpe Diem or, as it is translated for ease:  Seize the day!  (It actually translates Pluck the day.)  Dr. Jimmy Draper, one time SBC Pastor and then President of our SBC LifeWay Publishing and Distribution […]

Painting by Number

Do you remember those little “paint by number” kits that were popular years ago?  I remember receiving one as a gift when I was a youngster, and that was a long time ago.  The picture was of two horses, but unfortunately the finished product did not look like the picture on the box.  I know […]

Hatched or Born Again?

OK, do you have your Hatchimal yet?  If not, you probably won’t have one for Christmas no matter how much you, your child, or your grandchild might want one!  If I have to explain what a Hatchimal is, you haven’t been keeping up with “the must have Christmas gifts” for 2016; and if I have […]

The Upper Workroom!

A few Sundays ago during our 9 AM Bible study time, I was in my office and heard some “unusual noise” coming from the Office Workroom area.  The copier has a distinct noise, the opening of drawers and closing of cabinet doors make noise, but this was “unusual” in that it was verbal, low, and […]

Some “key” thoughts!

Usually, when someone hands in their church keys, it’s not a good thing!  It usually portends an issue of some kind.  Thus, when someone wants a few minutes of my time, and on entering my office the first thing they do is lay their church keys on my desk saying “I won’t be needing these […]

EVERY DAY Thanksgiving

I told the children in my Pastor Bob’s Buddies group this past Sunday about going to the Chandler Fashion Mall on Saturday, November 5, and seeing Santa!  He wasn’t kissing Momma under the mistletoe; rather he was having his picture made with children for a not so nominal fee!  Folks, it’s NOVEMBER!  November is about […]

Present and voting!

The “church business meeting” has a notorious past that has not been God honoring in many cases!  There are some funny, and sad, stories that many can tell.  And if you have been a part of such a meeting, well, you have a story.  In Baptist life, it used to be that churches had business […]

How is your eyesight?

Brenda Morales’ neighbor is a policeman and shared with her about a traffic stop he had recently made.  It seems the officer pulled over a woman for texting while driving but she vehemently protested saying, “I wasn’t texting, I was on Facebook!” Duh!! (Reader’s Digest, September 2013, p. 60) In a year when we are […]