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Do you have a favorite color?

Do you remember coloring crayons?  They are still around but not as popular as they once were as now we have markers, colored pencils, and computer/tablet coloring.  (Ask my grandchildren how that works.) However, I remember as a child getting a new box of crayons at the start of each school year.  (Yes, even in […]

What’s your opinion of this blog/article?

Do you have an opinion?  Sure you do!  Even before I mention a subject, a situation, or a decision, I can state (almost unequivocally) you will have an opinion!  Right, wrong, or indifferent, you will have an opinion.  Even if you don’t “state” it verbally, you will have one.  What we do with our “opinions” […]

Yes, it’s been a while!

There are times when it seems there just isn’t enough time in the day and I have to weigh what is most important to do, not just engage in what I need to do as dictated by a calendar or by some well-meaning person.  Of late, due to an extraordinarily busy season, many priorities have […]

Have you had your V-8 today?

Perhaps you recall the V-8 Vegetable Juice commercials through the years.  The admonition is to “drink your vegetables” every day, thus getting all you need from a can or bottle rather than a plate.  I personally like V-8 juice; some folks don’t.  It’s an easy way to keep my cardiologist happy and I never have […]

But, it’s a dry heat!

We finished our Vacation Bible School on Friday night with “Family Night”! I was very tempted to try the waterslide myself, just to cool off. I almost had t-shirts made for our staff: I SURVIVED A DRY HEAT VBS! We endured a record breaking heat wave with temps around 119 degrees all week that taxed […]

Let us pray!

To use a cliché, we are standing on the threshold of something great!  In the next three weeks two major ministry opportunities present themselves:  Harvest America Crusade and our Vacation Bible School. Both of these events give us a unique platform for sharing the Good News of Jesus with both our city and our local […]

The “Not so Secret Church”!

In the early chapters of the New Testament book of Acts, the church (embryonic at this point, a group of about 120 people) is basically in hiding.  Jesus has been crucified, buried, risen, and ascended; they are “on their own” and did not really know what their future held.  BUT, they were praying!  It wasn’t […]

Picking Cotton!

If you have not heard, on Sunday evening, June 11 (as part of our North American Mission Board’s Crossover event that precedes our annual Southern Baptist Convention meeting on June 13, 14) we will be involved in a Harvest Crusade with Pastor Greg Laurie.  What an exciting time as we anticipate filling the 65,000 seats […]


Have you ever laid awake anticipating?  At least as a child, you most likely had some sleepless nights called Christmas Eve when you could not sleep as you “anticipated,” though you may not have known the word, what the next morning would bring.  As we get older, any anticipating is just wondering IF we can […]

How smart are you

Living in a world of “on-demand” information from Smart Phones, SIRI, Google, Bing, and hundreds of other “just a click away” sources, it’s sometimes pleasurable to relax and take time to actually “read a book.”  I have just finished a great work on Adoniram Judson by Rosalie Hall Hunt; and though I have read several […]