A Rich Pastor

While traveling last week, I read an MSN article that perhaps you saw titled “The Ten Richest Pastors in America.” It had a tag line:  “You’ll be surprised how much is in their bank account.”  I was surprised, completely surprised, that my name was not on the list because I count myself to be one of the most richly blessed pastors in America today.  (And, yes, you would be surprised by how much {little} is in my bank account!)

What makes me so “rich”? Well, even if there was a lot in my bank account, that fact would not be the measure of my richness.  It’s the more important things, most of which don’t have a price tag and cannot be purchased, that make me rich!

Here’s my “short list”:

*I am rich because I am a joint-heir with Christ; I am a child of the King, and the King has a BIG bank account and I am a signer on the account.

*I am rich because I have the privilege week by week to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with people and, hopefully, encourage them and point them to the Savior. (And, by the way, you also have that privilege!  It’s not just something “the preacher” gets to do!)

*I am rich because God has blessed me with a supportive and loving wife of some 46 years and He has blessed us with two sons, two great daughters-in-laws, and seven precious grandchildren. (While 7 may be the “perfect” number, they are not perfect but they are precious!)

*I am rich because of my present church family, CPTC, where I have the privilege to minister and fellowship with some of God’s most awesome saints! Yes, other pastorates in their particular time have been just as special, but the “richness” comes in the fact I will get to be in heaven with ALL those saints.

*I am rich because of His Word, a holy volume filled with direction for everyday living and a host of promises that sustain me and keep me focused on the future and the return of my Lord!

Space is limited in the writing of a blog or in the time you will take to read, but suffice it to say, in my opinion, I am rich beyond measure! While I may not have made MSN’s list and there’s not much in my earthly bank account, I am on His list!  My name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.  That, my friend, makes me a VERY rich pastor!

Take that to the bank,

Pastor Bob

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