Let us pray!

To use a cliché, we are standing on the threshold of something great!  In the next three weeks two major ministry opportunities present themselves:  Harvest America Crusade and our Vacation Bible School. Both of these events give us a unique platform for sharing the Good News of Jesus with both our city and our local community.  One of the things we have been asked to do and are doing in preparation is to pray!

A friend of mine who pastors in Beaumont, Texas, recently shared about a car trip he and his wife were taking.  While driving, they received a text from her father with a prayer request.  The typed message ended with a praying hands emoji (something we often use in text messages).  Siri picked up the text on Apple CarPlay; and before they knew it, the message was being read out loud through the car audio system.  Everything seemed perfectly normal until Siri translated that last emoji as “hands pressed together.”  Raymond said they looked at each other with a smile, replayed it, and laughed again.  He observed, “I wonder how many people think prayer is nothing more than just ‘hands pressed together’.”

As we understand prayer from Scripture, it is far more than hands pressed together!  It is infinitely more than folded hands.  It’s that undeserved but treasured conversation we share with our Creator and Sustainer, who has invited us into an eternal relationship with Himself.  It is a distinct privilege we possess as believers that allows us to ask God’s blessing upon events such as Harvest and VBS, because He desires they be successful for His glory and for the forever changing of lives.  Would you join the CPTC family and other believers across the Valley as we put our hands and our hearts together and lift up these two events, asking God to do a great work in and through us in our preparation, our city, and our community as these efforts gloriously unfold in real time?!

Another thing you can “press hands together” for is Crossover Arizona, the week long outreach to our city before the Harvest Crusade and before our Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting to be held in Phoenix on June 13 &14.

When you pray, don’t ask Siri.  She’ll probably get it wrong!  Ask God; He will get it right!

Pastor Bob

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